TNDL Dual lanes Packing Machine

TNDL Dual lanes Packing Machine

Model No.︰TNDL

Brand Name︰Tauna Brand

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

1.        Introduction

The dual lanes automatic packing machine KB37x2 produced by our company, is an innovative design and high speed machine. This machine has a number of patented technologies with advantages of perfecct performance, easy operation, reliable packaging quality, and stable operation. The speed of packaging is 2 times faster than that of existing packaging machines, which is the replaced products of already existed automatic pillow pack packaging machine, so it is a best option for most of clients.

2.        Main technical parameters:

2.1 Packing speed (Bag / min)                 180~320

2.2 The max. film width (mm)                 370x2

2.3 Bag length (mm)                         120~320

2.4 Products Packaging Specifications (mm)     L:120~290 W:80~140 H:~65  

2.5 The distance of centers of two feeding chain (mm)    380

2.6 Power supply and consumption            220V+10% 50Hz or 60Hz, About 5KW

2.7 Overall dimension (length x width x high, m)  4.6~5.6×1.3× 1.6

2.8 Total machine weight (kg)                ~1100-1300

Application: A wide range wrapping applications, such as: Biscuits, Cupped Instant Noodles, Tissue and Wet wipes, Healthcare products, Hard ware ---etc. Features: 1. One Roll film, two automatic bag forming, filling, and sealing, as well as cutting with fast speed. 2.

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